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Raudondvaris Manor's Ensemble


Newcomers to Raudondvaris Manor are often struck by the beauty of this place.This is the oldest and the most astonishing Manor built from bricks in Lithuania, yet undiscovered by tourists. It is worth coming here to participate in various events, learn its history lasting for 400 years or just to have a nice walk in the park. 

TheManor accommodates the Kaunas Region Museum, Tourism and Business Information Centre, and Arts Incubator. The Manor is used to organize exhibitions and interesting educational programmes. We recommend visiting a unique Glass Room, and taking a glimpse of the White Hall used for wedding ceremonies.

Raudondvaris is a monument of early 17th century Renaissance architecture. Previousstructuresbuilt on the site were made from wood, andburnt down in 1831. After the new mansion was built from bricks, the Manor stepped into its golden age.  After the Manor was founded, it was owned by a number of prominent Lithuanian nobilities. Much more is known about its most recent owners, the Tyszkiewicz family that lived in Raudondvaris from1819-1915. The Tyszkiewicz acquired the Manor as a wedding gift to the eldest son from generation to generation. One of the inheritors, namely Benediktas Emanuelis, amassed riches, an art collection, and a library consisting of twenty thousand books, yet sadly died before adulthood. Everything was passed into the possession of the grandson, Henrikas Benediktas Tiškevičius. He became a famous traveller, visited the United States of America and the Far East on his yacht "Žemajtej". His artistic pictures were exhibited around the world.

The Tyszkiewicz family were arts patrons who helped Juozas Naujalis, the first professional musician in Lithuania, in making his career. There is an exhibition dedicated to J. Naujalis held in the Manor.

If you take a tour guided by countess Rosalie, you will hear real stories about the life of the royal household. Rosalie often talks about the strict parenting style applied in raising noble children and can show you the correct way of using a fan.

The most convenient way to reach Raudondvaris is to take a car or city transport. You can also take a ship from the old ferry port in Kaunas from May till September.


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