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Dubrava Reserve Area


Not far from Kaunas, near Vaišvydava, there is a unique forest and splendid upland moor which has remained virgin for fifty years. Those who have visited this area for the first time tell about the magic of travelling back in time and having walked throughout the prehistorical forest. 

Dubrava Reserve is a small natural or cultural area, though there is no established authority overits protection and supervision.  Dubrava Reserve Area is quite unique. It covers an area of 120 ha. There is a walking route 1.9 km long with information boards and arest areaat the end of the route. This place attracts the local Vaišvydava inhabitants, but it remains an undiscovered object for tourists. It is a place suitable to enjoy silence.

The size of the trees growing at the beginning of the trail is truly amazing.  Some of them are more than 150 years old. The highest moaning pine tree reaches 38 meters. The untouched deadwood and fallen trees create a mystical impression.  Here you can watch how fallen trees overgrow with moss and lichen, until they finally submerge into the soil.  If it is windy, especially when the speed of the wind reaches 15 m/s, Dubrava Reserve is closed to visitors due to the risk of falling dry woods.   

The moor covers about one fourth of the territory. This is the most picturesque place on the route. In June, when the cotton grass is in bloom, the moor looks like it is covered by white flosses, a prime location for photo shoots.

It is forbidden to move withered trees or climb on the fallen trees in the Reserve because you can injure yourself and damage the virgin wildlife. Your visit to the Reserve must be approved by Dubrava Forest District Administration in advance. Specialists from Kaunas Reservoir Regional Park organize guided tours in Dubrava Reserve Area.

The most convenient way to reach this place is by car; visitors should park on the roadside. The object is located approximately 3 km from Vaišvydava crossroad, in the direction of Gervėnupis.


Nuostabu 2023-03-18

Nuostabus takas! Tikra terapijos vietą.

Simona 2023-02-18

Jau labai nesaugus vaikščioti takas, vietomis pasviręs.

Lankytoja 2022-08-07

Takas siaubingas,lentos supuvę ir pritaikytas ne visiems lankytojams.Pradžia laiptai po to nupuvęs takas.Daugiau nevyksiu.

Darius 2022-07-11

Ar būtų galima tikslu adresas gauti tos vietos kur takas prasideda ir kur automobilį palikti butu galima nes mes nevietinie

Sveiki, 2021-03-04

Sveiki, ar dirbate,? Norėtume apsilankyti

Kazkaip 2020-08-24

Neradom poilsio aiksteles pabaigoje marsruto, nors po tiek praeito kelio ji butu labai reikalinga

Vaida 2019-07-31

Ačiū už pateikiamą informaciją. O gal būtų galima tiksliau nurodyti lankytinų objektų vietas, kaip juos rasti?

Vaida 2019-07-31

Ačiū už pateikiamą informaciją. O gal būtų galima tiksliau nurodyti lankytinų objektų vietas, kaip juos rasti?