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Juniper Valley


Juniper Valley walkway, located in Arlaviškiai village and above Kaunas Reservoir's precipice, was selected as the most beautiful educational walkway in Lithuania in 2016. It provides a panoramic view of the Nemunas and Dabintos Island, Ronakalnis outcrop and a unique juniper wood 5 ha in the area and the state-recognised cultural site. At almost a century old, some of the junipers reach 12.5 m. in height. 

In recent years, this place has become very popular among visitors looking fora romantic stroll, impressive selfies, and picturesque wedding photos.  Furthermore, the air here is particularly pure due to essential oils secreted by junipers. According to some folk medicine practitioners, the aireven has a therapeutic value.   If you decide to visit this place, we recommend taking your time and looking beyond the panoramic view.

Plenty of waterbirds of different varieties nest on Dabintos Island, which can be seen from the slope.  You can watch the flock of birds during the warmer months. If you look down from the main trail, you will see "Drooping Swamps" - springs with rocks that form the water currents, namely the tuff. The air conditions for the plants that grow here are also special. The air that warms up in the sunshine in the slope lingers in the forest, as a result even rare plants come into bloom here.  The areas between the junipers are populated with plants listed in the Red Book of Lithuania: Grass Pink, Bellflower, Gossamer-winged butterflies, Wild Garlic. In the daytime, visitors can find rare species of butterflies, for example, skippers, Meadow Brown or Ringlet. A number of beautiful pictures and impressions left from exploring natural micro and macroworld will both depend on the season of the year and the travellers' observation.

The most convenient way to reach this place is to drive by a car. Parking is free of charge. The educational trail is 1.3 km long. The trail and access areas are adapted for the disabled. The distance from Kaunas city's centre is about 27 km. You can also visit other nearby places of interest in Kaunas Reservoir Regional Park. For example, Dubrava Twin Trees or Žiglos Leaf Wood.


Kadagiu slenis 2020-08-24

Puiki gamta,vaizdai,bet jau seniai tvarkytas. Lentu tako beveik visos lentos susideveje, kitur ir suluze. Ranku tureklai visi kliba, ne veltui yra informacija, kad takas nesaugus. Tai kaip dar leidzia juo vaikscioti lankytojams ir dar su vaikais, nelaimiu gal nori.Kur tie ES pinigai ar jau isleisti ar neukiskai isleisti nepasidomejus medienos naudojamos techninemis salygomis.Suoliukas poilsiui tik vienas.Zmoniu mase didele, bet patogumu nulis.

Takas 2019-04-07

Vieta nuostabi, puikūs vaizdai, gal takas kiek reikalauja remonto :)