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Balbieriškis Escarpment


We recommend stopping by Balbieriškis Escarpment when driving the road Prienai – Alytus. Spending about ten minutes to explore it will bring you an impression you will not forget for ten years.The view that opens from the escarpment is one of the most spectacular in Lithuania. Česlovas Kudaba, a famous geographer wrote the following about this place: “If you haven't seen the Nemunas from Balbieriškis slopes, you cannot boast about seeing the Father of our rivers”. At the end of the eighteenth century, Traveller Friedrich Schultz described this place in a similar scenic manner.

When you stand at the scenic viewpoint, you can see the Nemunas bend, the banks of the river covered with pines, and Buktos forest stretching in the distance to the horizon. This is one of the most popular places for photo shoots.

This place also represents a great interest for geologists. Stretching for 1700 m, the escarpment uncovers the heritage of the Ice Age. Glacial deposits and striped clay lake deposits that are reminiscent of icing dripping down a cake can be seen with the naked eye. Their number helped to establish the existence of cold water proglacial Balbieriškis - Simnas lagoon for about two hundred years during the Preglacial Age. Go to the opposite bank of the Nemunas or take a boat in order to see the best view of the escarpment.  The locality belongs to Nemunas Loops Regional Park. In 1974, it was recognised as a State natural monument.

Should you wish to discover more after visiting the Nemunas valley, there are many beautiful places of interest not classified as objects of mass tourism within a few kilometres radius. They include the highest tree in Lithuania, a larch in Degsnės forest, a station for observation of birds established on the bank of the Nemunas, Bagrėnas village, and the springs of mineral water in Balbieriškis.

The most convenient way to reach this place is by car with parking available.


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