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Birštonas Central Park


Birštonas Central Park covers a territory of 25 ha in the forest with not a single fallen tree. It is a favourable place both for sports fans and those seeking quietness. The park is well-equipped for different sports, including basketball, various exercise areas and even pitching horseshoes.  Visitors are amazed by "Druskupis", a Mineral Water Graduation Tower, which creates a marine climate at 50-80 meters around it.  

An open water evaporation chamber and pinewood air help overcome respiratory illnesses. It is closed only in winter. In Birštonas, tourist traffic does not run out even when the weather gets cool.

You will find trails for sports activities, with sculptures, for cycling, and for a casual stroll through the park. There is a playground for children near the sports trail -- a great opportunity to spark the interest of the whole family in sports. You can play basketball, ping-pong, and mini golf, and there are even halfpipes for skateboarders.

A cultural trail is decorated with eight sculptures of well-known Lithuanian artists. There is a rest zone nearby. You can read a book in peace and silence, watch as the squirrels jump around, and listen to the birds singing. There is an educational walkway nearby dedicated to the Nemunas River bend made from stones, which is a faithful copy of the river's bends in the regional park.

The trails in the park were not designed by architects. They represent the most favourite "routes" walked by Birštonas inhabitants and resort's guests. Some of these trails are covered by sand and pine tree needles and fit perfectly for running.

There is a mineral water well-room open year-round located near the Medical SPA Eglė sanantorija. Some of the visitors to Birštonas park say they felt sprightly after their first visit and made a promise to move more, enjoy nature, and focus more on their health.

If you arrive by car, we recommend parking it at the end of Pušyno Street near the Nemunas River.  There is a lovely riverbank walking route nearby, which you can take to reach Vytautas Hill.


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